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Luxxa Lingerie, 50 shades of luxury



Exciting Pasties Lingerie for Ideal Sex Appeal

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The Provacative Lingerie: Pasties For The Top And Bottom-

The Luxxa Tendance lingerie line is a sensual creation of lingerie pasties that consist of many expert quality ingredients such as an invisible mesh (Swarovski) rhinestone with 30 denier lace lined with tape base, consisting of stripe, satin folds. The breast pasties are topped with a delicate floral embroiderie, embellished with sequins and fancy beads. The strings also come with the same micro mesh trimmed with a floral pattern and an embroidered flower in th back. Also made with lace and satin materials to provide the utmost, quality material for the comfort of sensitive skin.

The pasties are easy to apply and can be reused up to 100 times. They come in different styles and red, black and white colors. For application, follow the instructions provided with each set. Luxxa also offers the glue for the pasties, sold seperately.

To safely apply: Simply use the Sigvaris glue from Luxxa: Hypo Allergenic and follow the safety instuctions and guidelines.

Amazing New Collection

Sexy Gorgeous Hot

The choice is yours as Luxxa a brand known to bring seductive body and glamour in its most best form and shape comes in you again to deliver a new lingerie collection not only pleasure your fantasies but makes its smoking and hot with its caloric tone which ignites your passion to make love in your lover or partner in a different kind of beauty and sexiness. A collection from its bra, thong, camisole, pareo, accessories and more are made of materials that definitely uplifts you’re confident in an overwhelming state of love for self. Let Luxxa deliver this sexy lingerie collection name as Poisson cradling your body in magnificent shape and curves a woman must have in projecting its desire in becoming different and unique, let this Poisson collection from Luxxa plot your plan of attraction and seduction in great intimidation of glam and charm. Poisson collection cloaks your body with fine satin with semitransparent motif, composed of intricate lace design, revealing your body from half cap bra to floral pasties, floral and ribbons in an intense personality and character.  Grab this sexy Poisson collection from Luxxa brand in this amazing online store Luxxa.us giving only the best of both worlds in accentuating your body in its undeniable sexiness. The collection that would last for a long period of time accompanying your style without fading its charisma in giving seductive style and fashion. Luxxa.us caters not only this collection but all style that surely suits your taste for love. Browse Luxxa.us and emerge from your problems and worries about your body, bring the new and improve you in wearing Luxxa.us collection. Don’t let this opportunity slip away grab this sexy Poisson in hand and make yourself busy in making your lovers and partner crazy here at Luxxa.us.

Adorable Enticing Tempting Seductive

The new range by Luxxa: Sagittaire

Sagittaire is the star sign which is synonymous of expansion, adventure, travel and good fortune.
You will be able to venture on new sensual territories. You will travel through refined landscapes of floral lace embedded with Swarovksi crystals, gathered tulle highlighted festooned embroidered plait, a real quality treat with the Bourdon stitching.
Even fastening and unfastening will be a new adventure with the adornment, the crystal pendant and the little hooks.

Discover how you will always be lucky.

Luxxa lingerie Nouveau Modèle SAGITTAIRE

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